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Creating an Interactive Response group in Lync

An interactive response group in Lync is what allows a person to call into a phone number and go through a phone tree. In this example we want to allow somebody call a phone number, press 1 and then be re-directed to an external number


  1. Open the lync admin portal
  2. Go to Response Groups
  3. Create a group, you must always have a group, even if nobody is a member of it. Now this is not always true, but I just find it a best practice.
    1. Click New
    2. Select the Site that you want to host the RGS
    3. Give it a Name, for the description use the Incident ticket number
    4. Participation policy is usually informal. The difference is that with informal, they are logged into as soon as Lync starts. Formal means they need to actually log into the RGS via a web page
    5. Alert Time (in seconds): How long to ring an agent before going to the next. It should be 20 or more, but lest than 180
    6. Routing Method
      1. Select Longest idle to offer a new call first to the agent who has been idle (has had a presence of Available or Inactive) the longest.
      2. Select Parallel to offer a new call to all available agents at the same time. The call is sent to the first agent who accepts it.
      3. Select Round robin to offer a new call to each agent in turn.
      4. Select Serial to always offer a new call to agents in the order in which they are listed in the Agent list.
      5. Do not use attendant
    7. Select the users by creating a new list in Lync or user an existing group. Always use an existing group, otherwise when you need to add account, the manager has to do a ticket rather than do it by themselves
  4. Create a Queue
    1. click on Queue and Click New
    2. Select the site tat you want to host the queue (should be the same as above
    3. Give it a Name and add the incident as the description
    4. Add the group you created above
    5. Select the option to Enable queue overflow (remember we want to go directly to an outside number)
    6. Maximum number of calls: 0
    7. Forward the call: Newest call
    8. Call action: forward to Telephone number
    9. enter the phone number as follows: sip:+<countryCode><AreaCode><Prefix><Suffix> for example
  5. Create the workflow
    1. Click on workflow and then Create or edit a workflow
    2. Select the site, should be the same one used above
    3. At the bottom, under Create a New Workflow under Interactive Click Create. There are a lot of settings, but here are the most common ones
    4. Step 1:
      1. make sure the Activate the workflow checkbox is enabled
      2. Enable for Federation, this will allow federated partners to easily find it if needed.
      3. sip: Enter a unique SIP address, must not be listed as any other SIP user. For example:
      4. Give it a Display Name
      5. For the telephone number enter the full number (just the number) +<countryCode><AreaCode><Prefix><Suffix> for example +14085551212
      6. Set the Display Phone Number, for example +1 (408)-555-1212
      7. Leave the workflow as unmanaged.
    5. Step 2: Pick the Language
    6. Step 3: Configure a welcome message
      1. You can use the text to speech or upload your own
      2. To upload your own
    7. Step 4: Business Hours
      1. Here you can configure different announcements for different times of the day (these are all PST time or the time zone configured for the site)
    8. Step 5: Specify Holiday Recordings.
      1. To create a new Holiday Set you need to use powershell, by using the commands New-CsRgsHolidy and new-CsRGSHolidaySet
      2. Configure Music on Hold, or use the default
      3. Configure the IVR, this is a simple workflow. If you don’t want to use all the choices, then uncheck Response 3/4. But you must have at least two. if you want just one you should use Hunt Group
    9. Allow the new RGS to dial out. The RGS you just created will not work until you tell it how to dial out of the company. This can only be accomplished through powershell. This uses the grant-csvoicepolicy commandlet
      1. Open Powershell as your adm account
      2. Get your CS Application: Get-csApplicationEndpoint -Filter {displayname -like “The Display Name you entered”} and make sure it is the right one
      3. Then grant it the ability to dial a number. This assumes the account is based out of North America. The policy would change for the site you are using: Get-CsApplicationEndpoint -Filter {displayname -like “My RGS”} | Grant-CsVoicePolicy -policyname “NA-CentralSiste-International”

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