Dell VRTX, Hyper-V

Configuring a Dell VRTX (for HyperV)

So I have found a great platform for remote sites. A 5U server that has 16 drive bays and 4 blade chassis. This is more than enough to run Lync, File services, Print, whatever. The price point on it is spot on. But more about the VRTX in a bit. Anyways, here is how I configure a VRTX for Hyper-V, which will eventually host Lync as well

Configuring a VRTX

  1. The blades should be placed in order, Slot-01 (bottom left), Slot-02 (upper left), Slot-03 (bottom right) , Slot-04 (upper right). Do not worry about the names, once the blades are named in the OS, they will update in the UI
  2. Click on Update and Update each component. You can get the latest firmware by going to go to product support and enter the Service Tag, which can be found under the properties tab. The latest versions are listed as of 12/17/2014
    1. Chassis System Management: Version 2.00,A00-00, vrtx_cmc.bin
    2. VRTX Chassis Infrastructure FW bundle: Version 2.00,A00, vrtx_mainboard.bin
    3. The IOM latest version is 11, and there was no update available
    4. Click on Storage Component Update and install the update for the Dell Shared PERC 8 (Dell Shared PERC8 firmware for Dell Poweredge VRTX-Fault Tolerant version 23.11.16-0). This one actually uses the exe file
  3. From the front console get the Chassis Management Controller IP address (CMC)
  4. Login to that IP address with root/calvin (this is the default)
  5. Click on Chassis Overview on the left the Setup on the top menu
  6. Under General add the Data Center location, Chassis Name (for example pek-vrtx-01) and Chassis Location and click on Apply Settings
  7. Click on Network and change the DNS CMC Name to match the Chassis Name, at this point you can configure static or leave it as DHCP for IP information and click on Apply Settings
  8. Click on User Authentication then Directory Services
  9. Click on Microsoft Active Directory (Standard Schema)
  10. Under Common Settings Choose Look up Domain Controllers with DNS and Use Domain from Login
  11. Under Standard and Schema Settings choose Look Up Global Catalog Servers with DNS
  12. Under Standard Schema Role Groups Pick Role Groups 1
    1. Group Name: Domain Admins
    2. Group Domain:
    3. Under CMC group choose Administrator
    4. Click Apply then Go back to Configuration Page
    5. Create a new group in Active Directory called <Chassis Name>-Admins
    6. Click on Microsoft Active Directory (Standard Schema)
    7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Group 2 and repeat the same steps for the new group.

Configure the storage

  1. Go to Storage then Setup.
  2. Under Assignment Mode choose Multiple Assignment
  3. Create the cluster shared quorum
    1. Click Create Virtual Disk
    2. Enter Quorum for the name
    3. Set the Raid level to 6
    4. Set the capacity to 1GB
    5. Select all the disks
    6. Go To Virtual DisksàAssign
    7. Assign Full Access to each blade in the chassis that is part of the cluster

Configure the network for CSV and Live Migration (this works best in Firefox)

  1. Click on I/O Module Overviewà PCIe Overview
  2. Open the Gigabit Ethernet Module
  3. Login with root and calvin
  4. Expand SwitchingàVlanàVlan Membership
  5. Click Add
  6. For the VLAN Tag enter 1000
  7. For the Name use LiveMigration
  8. Add a second Tag: 1001/Cluster-CSV
  9. Go to VLANàPort SettingsàEdit
  10. Select Internal Port gi1/2
  11. Set the VLAN Mode to Trunk
  12. Remove all VLANs except 1
  13. From the VLAN list add 1000 and 1001, Click Apply
  14. Do the same for Internal Port gi2/2 and 3/2 (basically for all blades)
  15. When done, make sure to click the Save icon at the top, otherwise after reboot your settings will be lost

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