Templates and Hyper-V without sccvmm

One of the biggest advantages to using sccvmm is that it allows for template control. However you still have to create a sysprep image. The purposes of the deployment was to globally deploy Lync. The cost and management of doing that with sccvmm was the management and the cost of doing it so I decided to just go standalone. Because I wanted to allow people to deploy machines without involving IT or chef puppet it anything else I had to write up a few steps on how to take the master 2012 r2 guest template and deploy it to failover clustering. So here are the steps to do it. There are a few assumptions based on my previous posts on this. C:\clusterstorage is where I have the clustered shared volume containing the templates. The sub folder it-vm is the location where it managed vms are located. You can create a separate folder if you want for non it machines and use different acls.

1.    Identify the current owner of the storage you want to deploy the VM to in Failover cluster administrator

2.    Open Hyper-V manager and connect to that node

3.    Select Import Virtual Machine

4.    Locate the folder of the VM and select the folder for example C:\ClusterStorage\Templates\2012 R2 Datacenter Template\2012 R2 Datacenter (Template)\ (below this folder it should have the Snapshots, Virtual hard Disks and Virtual Machines Folder

5.    Choose the virtual machine you want to import

6.    Under import Type choose Copy

7.    Select the option to Store the virtual machine in a different location and browse to the parent directory, for example C:\ClusterStorage\it-vm and create a sub folder the name of the machine to store it in

8.    Set that same path for the configuration, checkpoint, and Smart paging

9.    Under storage folders choose the same folder above that you created

10.    In Hyper-V manager open the settings for the new virtual machine you imported (it will be the same name as the template

11.    Change the name to match the systems name

12.    Open Failover Cluster Manager and select roles

13.    Under Roles click Configure Role

14.    Select Virtual Machine

15.    The new virtual machine will show up in the list to configure for high availability, select the machine you want to setup

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