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How the Dell VRTX solved a Lync problem.

So recently I came across the Dell VRTX platform.  This is an awsome remote site, or medium sized solution.  This 5 U server has 16 drive bays (2 TB drives), 4 blade slots, all in just 5U.  It combines all the peformance of a stroage array and blades in an easy configuration.  Setup and management of the chassis is a snap, not much more than a physical server itself.  But the reason I am using them are for remote sites, specifically ones that have no real IT infrastrucutre that also requires Lync.  When I first started down deploying Lync globally the biggest challenege was not budget nor time, it was IT supported infrastrucutre.  This included everything from the networking to server and storage.  Most of these sites did not have either, and if they did, they were not managed at all by IT, which makes putting Lync a failing task.  So the first step was really to figure out the best way to get IT managed infrastrucutre there that would support Lync.  There are 4 basic things required for Lync at each site: Domain Controller, SBC(and potentially SBA), Reverse Proxy (and a potential Load balancer), and the Lync Servers, in our case, each site just needed an Standard Edition, Edge, and Web app (WAC).  These sites ranged from 25 to 150 people.  The reason for Lync in such a small site was a Go To Marketing strategy; and let’s face it, sometimes you just have to do it because an Exec said so.  Back how VRTX solved this problem.  We needed all these componets, and I decided that if we are going to need that, we might as well give them all the services of a real office, print, DHCP, DNS, file shares, and other resources needed to run an office.  This is where the VRTX came into play.  with Up to 12 x 3.5in NLSAS, SAS, or SAS SSD hot-plug drives or Up to 25 x 2.5in NLSAS, SAS, or SAS SSD hot-plug drives, we could put more storage than we could for the same cost compared to netapp or pretty much anything else.  I am just going to point you to here instead of going through all the specs.  When it all came down to push and shove, bang for the buck, and the turn around time, we could deploy more virtual machines on this platform with eiaser management than we could do with 3 1U servers and a 2 or 3 U storage array.  We add on top of that Hyper-V and we ended up with a bomb proof scenario that gives us incredible performance and storage without the cost and headache.  And no, this is not a paid advertisment for Dell.  I doubt they even know I posted this.

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