Dell VRTX, Hyper-V

Creating a cluster shared volume

While these documents are somewhat specific to a Dell VRTX, the general process holds true for any storage methodlogy. The key is that do not assign all of the disks as full access at the same time. Configure one host, then add the other hosts, whether that is through Zoning, or provisioning.

  1. Login to the VRTX and under Storage click on Virtual Disks
  2. Create a virtual disk the size you need it to be. Figure 1.5 times what you need. For example a 100GB C drive on a windows server you would need 150 GB. Typically 1TB is the most common.
    1. Name: ITVMs
    2. Keep the RAID and other settings the same. This is because you have already created the 1GB Quorum disk
    3. Select 1 disk, the rest will check automatically.
    4. Create the virtual disk
    5. Go to the assign tab at the top, and assign the disk to only 1 of the blades. We will add the other blades later. This will prevent any confusion of who own the disk until it is added into the cluster
    6. Create the disk on the host that owns the virtual disk. Thisis much like configuring a disk quorum.
      1. Open powershell with elevated permmisions and run get-disk. This will return the new tisk, it should show as 1TB RAW. This will return the Name of the new cluster disk.

        get-disk 2 | Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle MBR -PassThru | New-Partition -UseMaximumSize | Format-Volume -FileSystem ReFS -NewFileSystemLabel “ITVMs” -Confirm:$false

      2. Bring the disk online

        get-disk 2 | set-disk -IsOffline:$false

      3. Add the disk the cluster

        get-disk 2 | Add-ClusterDisk

      4. Add the disk as a cluster shared volume

        Add-ClusterSharedVolume -Name “Cluster Disk 1”

      5. Online the disk

        Start-ClusterResource -Name “Cluster Disk 1”

      6. Rename the volume

        (Get-ClusterSharedVolume -Name “Cluster Disk 1”).name = “ITVMs”

      7. Rename the volume on c:\ClusterStorage\Volume1
        1. Rename-Item C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1 ITVMs
  3. Return back to the virtual disk manager on the VRTX web interface
  4. In the Virtual DisksàAssign, assign full access to the remainder of the blades
  5. On the server that you configured the virtual disk on, test to make sure it fails over property. Move the active copy to each node and create a folder for each node.
    1. Move-ClusterSharedVolume -name “ITVMs” -Node <NODE>
    2. new-item -ItemType directory -Path C:\ClusterStorage\ITVMs -Name “pek-hyperv-01”
    3. Delete the folder from another node.

      Remove-Item C:\ClusterStorage\ITVMs\<foldername>

  6. Set the defaults on Hyper-V for the new volume and enhanced mode.  This assumes that you set your hyper-v to use constrained delegation for live migrations (kerberose)

Get-ClusterNode | %{set-vmhost -ComputerName $_.Name -VirtualHardDiskPath C:\ClusterStorage\ITVMs -VirtualMachinePath C:\ClusterStorage\ITVMs -EnableEnhancedSessionMode:$True -VirtualMachineMigrationAuthenticationType Kerberos}

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