ADFS, Server 2012 R2

ADFS and Office 365 with Windows 2012 R2

This is a very basic setup, where your internal domain and external (public) domains are the same. Because, really, me personally, no need for that. Microsoft came up with that idea in Windows 2000, and now it became gospel, but it is worthless. Just like having a parent root domain and sub domains per site. But that is a discussion…

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Server 2012 R2

Creating a SAN Cert from the command line

Let’s face it, using IIS or the computer certs MMC for generating a CSR is a pain. Well there is no way around it, creating a CSR is a pain no matter what. But I always have a difficult time remember to get everything filled out correctly using the certificate MMC snap-in, so I use a command line and INF…

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