Get Remote Certificate information

Sometimes you want to get SSL certficate on a remote machine, not through the get-childitem command, but directly from the web server itself, Linux, windows, any web server.  Here is a oneliner that can help with that. [Code] [net.webrequest]::create(“https://someURL/SomePage”) | select @{n=’certname’;e={$_.servicepoint.Certificate.Getname()}},@{n=’serialNumber’;e={$_.servicepoint.Certificate.GetSerialNumberString()}},@{n=’Issuer’;e={$_.servicepoint.Certificate.GetIssuerName()}} [/code]


Get Routing Information

This goes back to another Skype for Business.  Edge Servers, ayae.  It seems that the most common problem with SfB is the configuration of Edge Servers.  This script will help you figure out the routing.  256 is the default route.  True, doing route pring is probabl quicker, but this is PowerShell afterall [code] Get-NetAdapter | %{get-netroute -InterfaceIndex $_.ifindex} | select…

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