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In Place Upgrade woes

An inplace story not to be missed.  I was recently doing an inplace upgrade, I had everything set, patched, ready, and a plan.  Everything worked as it was supposed to, except for one thing.  During the upgrade process.  Looking at the Bootstrapper log (which is what was also returned during the setup UI), we got the following error: SqlUpgradeInstanceLyncLocal, with error:  Prerequisite installation failed: SqlUpgradeInstanceLyncLocal For more information, check your SQL Server log files. Log files are in the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL*.LyncLocal\MSSQL\Log…  This is on the Front End Server, not the backend SQL server and it was version MSSQL11.LyncLocal. We checked the log file and the SQL Log file shows install was succsefull, and it was, services were running, and everything was fine.  So we thought, maybe we forgot to run with elevated permmisions, se we rebooted and tried again, same thing.  So we went to uninstall SQL 2014, we got an error that we did not have permmisions to uninstall SQL Server. That seemed weird, we are local admins, domain admins, schema, enterprise, you name it admin.  Well, after some head scratching, I decided to check group policy.  Well gosh darn, there was a GPO in place that forced only a certain account was entitled to to the policy Computer/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights/Back up files and directories.  That policy was enabled and only had the service used by backup.  Once we added the accounts in, did a GPUpdate /force /sync everything wen fine.  Along with that GPO there were two other policies that needed to be checked, Debug programs and Mange auditing and Security log.  The right permmisions for the person installing the update must have those permmisions

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