Office 365, Skype for Business

Meeting Broadcast Setup and Opertaion

How to Skype Meeting Broadcast Skype Meeting Broadcast is a new component of Skype for Business. As part of Office 365 and Skype for Business Online, Skype Meeting Broadcast lets you produce, host, and broadcast meetings to large online audiences. You can schedule a Skype Meeting Broadcast for up to 10,000 attendees. You use the Skype Meeting Broadcast scheduling and…

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I find myself very often copying files between servers, specfically the CUs, so I wanted a faster way of doing that.  This script will copy the files from c:\source to the UNC of another front end server in a pool, in this example the folder is c:\source\Lync2013CU2809243 get-csservice -Registrar | %{Get-CsComputer -pool $_.PoolFqdn | %{new-item -Name Source -ItemType Directory -Path…

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Hyper-V, Server 2012 R2

Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA) acts as a proof-of-purchase mechanism, helping to ensure that Windows products are used in accordance with the Product Use Rights and Microsoft Software License Terms. AVMA lets you install virtual machines on a properly activated Windows server without having to manage product keys for each individual virtual machine, even in disconnected environments. AVMA binds the…

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