Skype for Business, SQL Server

Always On deployment in Skype for Business

STOP: READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING! What you will need Usage Description Section Used Setting IP Address 1st Server in the cluster SQL Server Primary 2, 9.B Sjcsql1 2nd Server in the cluster SQL Server Secondary 2,13.D Sjcsql2 The name of the cluster The Cluser Name at the OS between the two servers 4 sqlcluster Location of…

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Get OU Name from SfB User

When dealing with moving or migrating users, you want to do it in batches.  Now yes, you could do this a lot easier.  But I wanted to run it from a SfB centric view, where you don’t have a lot of AD attributes.  This script will take something from the get-csuser cmdlet and get infromation about the user from AD. …

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