Fun with Bubbles

When I was in college at SOSC (Now SOU, Southern Oregon University) I took a class on public speaking.  Our final project was some kind of presentation.  There where a lot of typical ones, then there where two very different ones.  One person did one on Cocaine.  And then I did one on bubbles.  I started off with a Giant bubble, and talked about how to make bubbles, what makes good bubbles, why they pop, and ever showed how to make a square bubble.  Only 2 A’s where given, to me and the Cocaine kid, mostly because we did things very different.  Well now that my kids getting older, in school I do a think on bubbles, mainly just let them play.  But I thought I would share how to make giant bubbles.

Bubble Juice

  • 6 Cups Water (Distilled preferred)
  • 2 Tablespoons Glycerin (CVS in the first aid section near the band aids and burn gels)
  • 1 Cup Dawn Ultra (Dawn does work best)


  • Poor the water into a bucket
  • Add the Dish Soap
  • Mix gently, do not let the soap mix make bubbles
  • Add the Glycerin
  • Mix gently, do not let the soap mix make bubbles
  • You can use it immediately, but the longer you wait (24 hours covered) the better it will be. It should last about 3-5 days or longer if sealed air tight.


To make the wand

  • you will need two dowels about 2-3′ long, 1/4-3/8″
  • 2 screw eyes
  • 1 washer (3/8″ should work)
  • Cotton String/Rope, wide shoe laces work very well, or cotton rope (needs to be somewhat thick 1/4″) Fabric store is a good place to look


  • Screw the screw eyes into one the end of each dowel
  • Cut the rope about 4′ long (or longer)
  • Tie the rope to one screw eye
  • Thread the washer on
  • feed the rope through the other screw eye and tie back to the first one. Basically, creating a loop with the rope


The total cost of this is about 12$