DHCP, Skype for Business

Calculating DHCP Hex for time Offset

DHCP Option 2 (Time Offset) is a pain in the butt.  I always have to re-invent the wheel because I always forget how to do it, so now I will write it down.  I need this information for provision desk phones in Skype for Business, well actually any kind of phone. Open Calc (or any calculator that can convert Decimal…

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Hyper-V, Server 2012 R2

Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA) acts as a proof-of-purchase mechanism, helping to ensure that Windows products are used in accordance with the Product Use Rights and Microsoft Software License Terms. AVMA lets you install virtual machines on a properly activated Windows server without having to manage product keys for each individual virtual machine, even in disconnected environments. AVMA binds the…

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ADFS, Server 2012 R2

ADFS and Office 365 with Windows 2012 R2

This is a very basic setup, where your internal domain and external (public) domains are the same. Because, really, me personally, no need for that. Microsoft came up with that idea in Windows 2000, and now it became gospel, but it is worthless. Just like having a parent root domain and sub domains per site. But that is a discussion…

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